The History of Slot Machines

At the end of the 19th century, a man named Charles August Fey invented the first game machine called "Liberty Bell". During this time, Charles was a passionate mechanic who worked with various electrical equipment and phones. He had recently moved to California and became a genius to invent the first game machine in history in 1895. This was long before the authorities set rules for the slot machines that you can play today.

The beginning of marketing

Strategies of slot machines were also designed much later. Charles Fey owned his own company in manufacturing electronic equipment and phones. He utilized this to create the famous wheels that "Liberty Bell" had. Electric instruments and parts allowed Charles to create the frame for the slot machine itself. Unfortunately, a man named Gustav Shultze came to Charles with a patent application. "Liberty Bell" was a better machine relying on the technology and could randomly distribute the profits. This was one of the first single banditics.

A look in metal

Although Shultz was in front of Fey with his machine, Fey created a great little slot machine that was created in Metal and he had various symbols on the reels like spades, hearts, rows, clover, horseshoe and the "Liberty Bell" watch. We can see that these Symbols still exist today at the various slot machines. Long after the complexity of symbols and how the wheels work, it was built into a progressive jackpot system that you can find in slot machines today. In 1960 the first model came out and it was via the Bally electromechanical slot machine. We can not see many of these anymore.

The first winnings

The first game machines had a different system than you can find in today's slot machines. In these you won candy and you could find them in public establishments. Some establishment blended with the machines for their own gain. This was then changed and players could win money, alcohol and cigarettes. Slot machines moved into bars and retaurants to entertain guests.

Today's Slots

Today, slot machines are on display at casinos and online casinos. Most countries have hard legislation when it comes to slot machines and in countries you can only play on casino games and their machines. You will be able to find all slot machines at online casino that offer game to country players. You may also have discovered that game makers have set up positive features for the games with their theme and appearance. Today there is also the opportunity to participate in slots tournaments. There are nice bonuses that online casinos offer to play on the various slots available. We can only thank Charles Fey for creating his "Liberty Bell", today you will see many successful games from different game manufacturers.

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