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Why minors can not play on an online casino ?: The legal age to play on an online casino is raised to 18 years in France. If this limit may seem harmless for some, know that in reality, it is very useful.

Indeed, gambling on the internet can have some risks on the health of your child. A minor must at all costs, be excluded from this practice. In addition, you are clearly responsible for his actions. In this article, we want to make you aware of the dangers of online casino for young people under 18 years old.

Because the law forbids it

As you well know, there are many things forbidden by law to minors. Yes, because when you are not yet 18, you can not do everything like adults. For example, gambling is legally prohibited in terrestrial gambling houses. Whether for scratch cards or sports betting, normally the owner of the establishment must prohibit access to games for minors. And it's the same for online casinos. Since they subscribe to a specific license, the latter stipulates at European level that the legal age to play is 18 years. Suddenly, a minor can not play on an online casino as it may incur sanctions under the law.

Because a miner does not necessarily know the value of money

Money can turn the heads of many people. And this is especially seen on online casino sites. The quest for easy gain can induce the player towards a certain dependence on his finances. This has particularly seen minors. Yes, because some can already work, and therefore get a salary. At this age, it's hard to know what all this fast-moving money can be used for. With gambling, it is very simple to spend this small loot, but the risks of debt are very numerous.

Because miners are more vulnerable

Of course, you must already be aware of the dangers of gambling on the internet. After reading our addiction section, you should know that online casino can play an important role in your mental and social health. So, addiction is everyone's business. The worst thing about all this is that minors are more vulnerable than adults. For them too, the game can wreak havoc on their well-being. So to avoid an addiction at a young age, they should not be able to play on an online casino being a minor.

Because you are responsible

Finally, never forget that if they are minors, you are responsible for their actions. Clearly, a person under 18 will always have a guardian in the eyes of the law. If this concerns you, you must absolutely ensure that your child can not start playing on an online casino before the legal age. As a parent, you have to protect him from all these risks with very simple methods to assimilate. Keep him away from casino sites, even if he seems more mature than others and insists.

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