Tricks to Win at Blackjack

This is the one million question. How to win at Blackjack? Or, How to win at Roulette? Or, How to win at the slots? This question is asked by everyone who has ever toured a casino or who has played in online casinos. The question has an easy first answer. Hopefully. Yes, whether we like it or not, casino games have a very high chance component and therefore also an uncontrollable component. However, Blackjack is different from the other two in this sense, and in many others, but especially in this sense. In fact, it is the casino game with a higher RTP (in general), that is, a return to the player of the money played higher than the rest.And precisely for this reason, the vast majority of casinos indicate in their terms of the bonuses that give Blackjack barely contributes to the rollover, since the ease to meet those conditions would increase considerably if it contributed 100% as Slots do and, for Therefore, casinos would not only give away bonuses but often also money.Obviously there is no strategy to ensure 100% that we will win at Blackjack in the casino, that is impossible when chance also counts, but we can draw a strategy to maximize profits. In summary, what we are going to explain here, in Casino, is how to control in the best possible way everything we can control in Blackjack, that is, everything but luck.

How to Win Online Blackjack

Currently you can play Blackjack from anywhere. It is no longer necessary to go to the casino to do so, since online Blackjack is available in practically all the online casinos in the world. This has made some variants of the classic game come out, but the rules have not changed at all. What was worth before is still valid now, so, if you have been great players of face-to-face Blackjack, you can be so calm in online Blackjack.Of course, there is one thing that has changed. Now Blackjack cards are shuffled using algorithms that make counting the cards totally useless. Useless and impossible. If it is already a waste of time in the casinos, in the online ones it is directly nonsense. Not in vain, although the cards could be counted as yes that can be done in the Blackjack of the traditional casinos, it is estimated that, by means of the employment of successful strategies of card counting, in the long term the benefit of the player is of, more or less, 1.5%. No, you are not going to become rich by knowing how to count the cards in a casino as it seems in Hollywood movies.

Choose a Safe Casino

Currently and thanks to the licenses granted by the different states, virtually all online casinos are 100% safe. However, there are always some, let's call them 'pirates', which can be really dangerous. It's not funny that while you're playing Blackjack quietly suddenly all your money disappears from your account.That's why we always advise you to check that the casino we access has all the legal guarantees. This is easy, since all of them have 'Secure Play' stamps that let you know that they are totally safe. Anyway, each and every one of the online casinos that we analyze in Casinoson 100% legit. These are some in which you will play with total security to all your games.

Manage Your Funds Well

It is true that this advice has always been given, either in online casinos or online. However, the speed with which you can bet in an online casino, and the ability to access from anywhere at any time make it more dangerous. The money lost hurts the same, but in online casinos it can happen much more quickly.Keep in mind that it only takes one click to bet and there is no social interaction. This can make us lose control and lose a lot of money in a short time almost without realizing it. For this reason it is essential that you plan very well how much money you are going to play and even the days of the week that you are going to play. Take it as a fun, as an expense in leisure, without the obsession of having to recover the lost money. Of course, the budgets must be totally realistic according to your economic solvency, just as it is done in any other leisure activity.And of course, and to finish, strictly comply with the limits you have set. And if you need help, all the casinos have a section of self-regulation, to put you limits insurmountable before you start playing. If you see that you get out of hand, there is also the possibility of self-expel from the casino and prevent other casinos from accepting that you play with them. Obviously, this is for the most serious cases.

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