Point Spread Versus Moneyline

Moneyline and point spread are two terms which most punters in Australia has come across a number of times. That being said, not everyone actually understands the difference between the two and how they affect placing a bet. Having a good working knowledge of point spread versus moneyline bets will go a long way towards making your bets more lucrative and turning a bigger profit.

Point Spread

A point spread is also known as a handicap. This is what bookmakers and online betting sites use to determine the difference between the quality of two sides. For example, in the Rugby Championship, Australia may be the better team in a match against South Africa. The point spread between the two teams will therefore be determined by the international or Australian sports betting sites or bookies, and be expressed as a handicap. Before the match even begins Australia will start on minus points according to the point spread system. This means that they will have to beat South Africa by the predetermined amount of points for a winning wager to be paid out on them. This encourages betting on the underdog in a match as it may be very lucrative should they lose by fewer points than the point spread dictated.

Moneyline System

The money line system is much simpler than the point spread, and can be a great option for punters who don’t want to deal with complexities of handicaps. A moneyline bet is a simple bet on who will win the match. So if in our rugby game, Australia is the favourite to win against South Africa, a plain successful moneyline bet on the underdog will be more lucrative than a safer point spread bet.

Safety Of The Point Spread

Between the two, the point spread system is the safer option. As with all safer options when it comes to sports betting, the point spread may not pay out as much as a moneyline option. The general public prefers a favourite as all the hard work has been done for them. They can take advantage of the bookies research and place a point spread on a favourite with safe knowledge that they are likely to turn a profit, albeit a small one. In the same breath one must take into consideration that a moneyline bet on a favourite will be much more expensive to place, so value should be a serious consideration.

The Underdog Potential

One of the major pros when it comes to moneyline betting is that should a bet on an underdog be successful, it could be extremely lucrative. This means that a number of bets on underdogs could see you making a profit even if you don’t win all of your placed bets. Aside from the values, a successful bet on an underdog has a very psychological aspect to it. Backing an underdog who wins gives one a great feeling, and adds a lot of excitement to watching a game.

Better Parlays on Moneyline

Parlay bets are always a difficult wager to place and should only be undertaken by knowledgeable punters. A parlay bet on a point spread has much higher odds, which means less pay out. For many Australian punters placing a parlay on point spread is very seldom an option. A moneyline parlay however can be calculated by just multiplying the risk of the bets which you are parlaying together.

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