Slot Machines Through The Ages

Slot Machines Through The Ages: In English they are called slots, in slot machines, but in many countries they are known as slots: game machines with lively symbols on rotating reels that have been the casino's fascination for a long time. Nothing excites more than its colorful hypnotism and varied themes ranging from fruits and Egyptian art to interstellar travel, as well as fanfare followed by a river of coins. In addition, today we can find many free slots.

History of Slots

Its debut was in the city of San Francisco in 1887. The first machines had numbers of letters instead of symbols and the prizes were not paid in cash, but in cigarettes and free drinks. It was invented by Charles Fey, a car mechanic. His biggest challenge was the creation of a method for the machine to automatically pay for all possible winning combinations. The machine had a large lever on one side and a slot to put the five-cent coins, with a special mechanism to detect both real and false coins. He had three reels and five different symbols: diamonds, hearts, spades and horseshoes and the Liberty Bell, which earned him his name. It was very popular and many companies tried to obtain manufacturing rights, but Fey rejected them.

In 1907 Herbert Mills copied the idea of ??Fey and built the Operator Bell slot. His symbols on the reels were fruit and he paid in chewing gum to evade anti-gambling laws. Modernized Fey's original mechanism, made it more compact and easy to operate. In 1891 in Brooklyn, New York, Sittman and Pitt devised a machine that would be the model for modern slots. His machine had five reels with fifty poker cards. This slot was a success and was soon found in most bars in New York. Payments were not made directly to the player, but the establishment where the machine was paid in cigarettes and free drinks. As the slots have proved to be the most dynamic of casino games, in 1963, Bally developed the first well-called slot machine Money Honey, the honey of money. It was completely electromechanical with a bottom hopper and automatic payments to the player. It is said that this was the machine that changed to Las Vegas, giving it the energy to become the emporium of the world's casinos.

Most Popular Slots

After the Money Honey, without a doubt that La Rueda de la Fortuna is the most famous slot in the western world. His name evokes hope and abundance; that anticipation to know who will be the next winner, while the seconds lengthen before announcing the prize. Although, many versions have been manufactured, the spirit remains the same: The Wheel of Fortune will give you hours of satisfaction in the rotation of your reels.

Online Slots

As the casino industry has evolved with the recreational and novelty needs of its users, slot machine creators have also had to adapt the games to new trends. Thus, in 1975, the Fortune Coin Company developed electronic video slots, but the players did not trust them, because the rotation of the reels could not be seen. Fortunately, these modern machines were winning fans through their music, rainbow lights and famous movie characters as their central themes. As precursors of increasingly independent slots of a casino, little by little it was easier to play on personal computers. But there is still more.

Mobile Slots

The future does not stop or wait, but offers multiple opportunities for change and improvements in the quality of products and services in the world of casinos. Who would think that we would be so dependent on our cell phones and we would use them to pay bills, keep us at So much of real-time news and why not, play our favorite casino games? The electromechanical slots and video games were the basis for creating the online machines and then the mobile version, and changed the concept of freedom forever.

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